Dantewada Education City:

    Dantewada is one among the lowest literate Districts of India. Quality of education is very low in this area with a literacy rate of mere 30.01 %. Due to lack of money and capacity, so many school going aged children are still away from education. As the district is far away from the big educational avenues located in the big cities the poor, backward, tribe families are quite unable to provide their children proper food are education.

Throughout the whole region of Bastar there is only one college for medicine and a single engineering institute. There is ample talent in the area in different academic sectors and non-academic sectors. Most of the talent goes untapped and not groomed properly just because of lack of proper facilities. The tribals in this area are built to have natural advantage in sport activities specially athletics. However these fold do not know how to hone their sporting skills. There is a huge educational and technical gap which needs to be filled up.

Educational infrastructure existed has been destroyed by the LWE (Left Wing Extremist) activities. Many schools and hostels have stopped functioning as learning centers. Disruption of attendance or the dropping out of students, teachers and staff; demotivation, distraction and traumatisation of students and teachers. These issues have hindered the development of the region.

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Objective & Vision of Education City:

The objective of education city / hub is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character that is the vision behind education city/hub. Education hub / city is committed to create a secure education environment in the region, through a demonstration effect. Education hub/city has been planned for children from backward villages to prepare them to qualify entrance procedures / exams of medical and engineering and other professional courses, by facilitating them with residential campus.

Main thrust of the project is to create such students in this region by imparting them qualitative education and career guidance and to create a better future for the students, also to set an example as a regional centre of professional and quality education. Children of these campuses would be provided with all such facilities which are necessary for the educational, physical as well as intellectual development.

The idea is to develop model world class centers of educational and cultural development and Technical Education. The educational hub would promote the sports talent by providing the world class sports training facilities.

The aim is to bring about actual skill development, which results in improved employability and concomitant improved quality of life. The vicious cycle of poor science education and thus fewer doctors and engineers would be shattered by this unique experiment which will serve as an important demonstrator to the whole region of south bastar (Dantewada) to the positive effect of education. Thus weaning the younger generation away from the gun towards pen and brighter future.